Admission Procedure
1- Applying to the admission office with doctor hospitalization order and recommendation letter of certified agency
2- Submitting an authentic confirmation indicating absence of contagious infectious disease
3- Submitting valid passport or non-citizens’ identification card by patients
4- Checking documents, hospitalization order and date of admission
5- Submitting admission form and filling out consent form by patients or certified agency
6- Attaching admission form to medical documents
7- Rendering training pamphlets about the disease
8- Referring patients to the related ward to become hospitalized
Discharge Procedure
1- Discharge order must have been signed by the doctor
2- Preparing file summary and discharge report by IPD manager
3- Accomplishing all discharge procedures by IPD manager
4- Checking patient's file and expenses by discharge officer and render it to IPD manager
5- Rendering copy of patient's medical records to discharge office by IPD manager
6- IPD manager will accompany patients or their companions to pay expenses at the cashier

Bill of rights of international patients

According to the laws governing the medical centers of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the provision of services to the clients is the same and nationality, race, religion, skin color, etc. cannot cause differences in the care and treatment program. Therefore, every person (Iranian or non-Iranian) has the following rights

 It is the patient's right to receive the desired health services.
 The information should be provided to the patient in a suitable and sufficient manner.
 The patient's right to choose and make a free decision in receiving health services should be respected.
 The provision of health services should be based on respect for the patient's privacy (right to privacy) and compliance with the principle of confidentiality.
 Access to an efficient complaint handling system is a patient's right.

Services that can be provided in the international patient unit

 Separate admission for international patients.
 The International Patient Department (IPD) of the hospital is made up of specialized experts and experienced doctors fluent in international languages, which provides a platform for providing health services to international patients 24 hours a day.
 The presence of a resident translator fluent in English, Turkmen, and Arabic languages ​​in this center has been able to facilitate patients from the moment they enter the country until they are discharged from the hospital in such a way that there is no communication gap in this regard.
 The daily visits of the IPD doctor to all international patients hospitalized in the hospital and the experienced
and highly specialized team of doctors in this field is one of the cornerstones of the patients' trust in Philosophical Hospital.

The IPD expert is responsible for coordinating the presence of international patients in the hospital
Providing a menu based on the patient's nationality in the patient's language and the possibility of serving international dishes is one of the most important measures.
 Responding to patients by phone, e-mail or receiving requests through the hospital's website
 Coordinate with the attending physician and all units responsible for treating the patient (including admission, paraclinic, operating room, inpatient departments, discharge, etc.) to facilitate the process of diagnosing and treating the patient
 All consulting services are provided in person, over the phone, and online for the convenience of respected

 The experts of the international patient department will be with you full-time and in all stages of treatment so
.that there is no problem to communicate
 High-speed Internet access during treatment.
  Ability to respond to patients' emails and calls online.
 Following up the treatment and recovery process after discharge

Introducing Gorgan Philosophical Hospital and Maternity Hospital

Philosophical hospital and maternity hospital is located on Shahid Bahonar Street in the northwest of Gorgan, this hospital is known as a reliable medical center with a scientifically competent environment, equipment and the best medical services in the entire region, considering the proximity of the cities of the province to each other and the presence The well-known and experienced doctors in this center are not limited to Gorgan.
In accordance with the latest standards of the honorable Ministry of Health, this medical center is equipped with air conditioning system - central oxygen - central suction - fire notification and extinguishing - nurse call - MIS - HIS system - central house purification system - two elevators for people and patients - stairs Emergency - diesel generator - UPS system - closed circuit cameras and the most advanced medical equipment.

Departments of the hospital include​​​​​​​

icu, ccu, male internal medicine and surgery (Milad), female internal medicine and surgery (Shafaq), neurology (Afaq), Pegah, emergency room, maternity hospital, newborns, operating room

Paraclinic units include

stone crusher - physiotherapy - laboratory - CT scan - radiology and sonography - endoscopy

This center benefits from the cooperation of specialist and subspecialist doctors in the following fields

General surgeon, internal surgeon, kidney and urinary tract, neurology, gynecology and obstetrics, ear and nose, heart and blood vessels, brain and nerves, orthopedics, pediatrics, eye surgery, infectious diseases, oncology, neurology, nephrology, maxillofacial surgery, surgery Plastic surgery, anesthesia, digestion, rheumatology are beneficial
Hospital managers
Mr. Dr. Siamak Rajaei - general surgery specialist - head of the hospital
Mr. Dr. Mohsen Mobasheri - neurologist - principal investigator
Mrs. Hosseinpour, Deputy CEO and Metron
Mr. Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Taheri, internal management

mission statement
The mission of Gorgan Philosophical Hospital, as the largest private general hospital in Golestan province, is to provide the best medical services with the benefit of modern medical technologies in order to obtain the satisfaction of patients from different walks of life.